DoLeaf is an online marketplace where nurseries and garden centers can sell plants, seeds, and supplies. This site is similar to Amazon. A seller creates a store, adds inventory, sets prices and shipping restrictions, then enables the store so their items are searchable. Buyers are able to select any combination of items from any combination of stores.

Key Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery, Shoulda

Responsibilities: I added functionality for management of stores, product listings, users, and user messages. I also updated the site’s database to ensure data consistency, provide on-delete cascading behavior, prevent duplicate entries, and improve performance of indexing and searching. All of my updates to the code base included unit and integration tests.

Glucomart is an online store that provides discount diabetic supplies.

Key Technologies: WordPress, jQuery, PHP, CSS, MySQL

Responsibilities: I developed this entire site, using WordPress so the site owner could modify content and layout. I customized the UI with jQuery and customized the WordPress theme with PHP and CSS. I procured web services for the site (domain registration, web hosting, email), and taught the site owner to use WordPress, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, and Google AdSense. I also taught the owner to create and launch new websites from scratch.

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